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Bio: First and foremost, some legal jargon: Please note that no content from this site, either written or graphic may be copied, advertised, or used, in whole or in part, without the explicit written and signed permission of the author. To do so may result in legal action. Please also note that this site is for adults only. (18+ in most states or countries) Please comply with your local legal age limits. There! Now that that's out of the way,... A couple of new friends shared their blogs with me. I originally signed up so I could just post comments and "like" their pages. But now that I'm here, I'm finding it to be a good place to write some things down, get out of my head a little. Make room for more clutter. (just kidding... sort of). When I was younger, I would dream of becoming a writer. Even wrote some novellas and took classes for storytelling and creative writing in college. Nothing came of it, because I fell in love... with Anthropology. All dreams of writing a bestseller took a back seat to dreams of discovering an aboriginal village in my back yard. 🙂 But, now, I'm finding that I enjoy writing again. Flushing out a story, or an article, or an editorial. I can't do it all the time - not with the kids, my pay-the-bills-job, the kids, my I-LOVE-IT job, pets, did I mention my kids? But an hour or so at night is a nice way to end the day. I find myself putting down my books and picking up my laptop. If anyone has any comments or suggestions after reading, please feel free to post them. So into the waves we go...

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